Monday, September 29, 2008

Full Weekend

I had two of the best runs this weekend. No pain, just power. I did the three on Saturday and five on Sunday with a good friend. It's nice to mix things up and run with another person. The time just flew by--we talked about anything and everything. The weather was in the high sixties, and we counted our blessings about what a wonderful morning it was. I got pretty much all of my upper body weight training completed, and I did a huge core session on Saturday. Today will be a day of rest, and I plan on taking my son to the park.

Tomorrow we have speed training again, and I already have a lump in my throat about it! It's been a couple of weeks, and you never forget how challenging it is. Just sitting here anticipating the breathlessness conjures thoughts of fear, lol!! This is important. I have to keep reminding myself that this is all par for course with my ambitions. I can't believe I have my first half-marathon of the season next weekend!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back In The Saddle Again

Well, after a shaky 3 and a half mile on Thursday, I have OFFICIALLY entered my marathon training TODAY. No more injuries or interferences. So this morning was roughly 5.5 miles in the pouring rain. I can't believe my iPod survived the trip intact and in working order. The rain began as a subtle mist during mile one (ten minute mile). I stepped it up to nine and a half for mile 2-4. As I came down one of my favorite "hills" (and believe me, hills in Florida are usually to the extreme of a speedbump), I pulled back a little. I noticed ominous clouds heading in my direction, and I knew I was going to be typhooned. As I began the last mile home, the rain became so intense, it was pouring into my eyes like a waterfall. I could barely see, but I had the compulsion to laugh my ass off. I kept thinking, "I have no pain", "I feel amazing", "I want this to go on forever". It was so freaking good; I sit here with the silliest grin on my face. As the rain came down in sheets--during my last mile--I sprinted an 8 minute mile home. I felt strong and energized.

That was the closest I have gotten to a runner's high in MONTHS. I have lost ten pounds somehow in the last 6 weeks or so, and I definitely feel lighter and more aerodynamic (if there is such a thing with the human body).

Even in such rain, soccer games are on the schedule. I have the BIGGEST stab of guilt because Barack Obama is in town, and all of my friends are on their way to see him as I write this. How historical and important! I am so sad I am not going to be there, but my friends have assured me they will collect souveniers for me. They are the best. I told them to take lots of pictures. I may even post some here.

OK, on deck--Marine Corps Half Marathon on October 4th. I am ready. Tomorrow is my ten mile, and if I get it down comfortably, I know I am ahead of the game. It feels so great to be up and running again. I never thought I would learn to hate an elliptical machine so much.

Oh, I must make mention what is happening above me at this very moment. My daughter is strumming her guitar in her room. Her sweet voice has traveled down into my space and she is singing Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here." She has all the riffs down, and I am so very proud of her. Life is good.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


After more than a week of biking and elliptical work-outs, I will be able to run tomorrow. I think my foot is stable enough for a slow and short jaunt. I am so excited and about ready to crawl out of my skin just at the thought of hitting the pavement tomorrow!!! Back on marathon track now with a 5 miler on Saturday and a ten on Sunday--what I missed last week due to my injury.

Somehow I also managed to drop a few more pounds and I was actually able to wear a size four pair of jeans. YAY ME! I can no longer qualify as an Athena, but who cares? I just make sure I eat little meals throughout the day instead of three big meals and snacking.

I will write all about my run tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Foot hurts:(

I wore heels last night and I twisted my foot. Now I have a soft tissue injury that I sincerely hope is resolved this weekend. I have a five mile planned for Saturday and a ten mile on Sunday. This is all on the training plan for the Goofy Challenge. So tomorrow I will have to use the tedious elliptical machine in lieu of the seven miler I had planned. Drats.

S3 training today with some serious hamstring, quad and shoulder work. There is a maneuver called a "thruster"....and get your head out of the gutter, buddy.... that requires two 20-pound handweights. You do the deadlift with the weights and then squat and thrust for the overhead press. Very challenging in a speed exercise. I am sure I will be feeling it tomorrow. Meanwhile, I am getting some "guns". All the weight training is starting to pay off when it comes to the definition in my upper arms. Maybe I can kick Bob's ass someday;).

Speed training yesterday was a killer 600X200 times three with a lap recovery done three times in that sequence. I made it to about two and a half. Oh well, maybe I will get 'em next time.

An can Sarah Palin push for abstinence-only sex ed programs when her own daughter is knocked up? Since when is this o.k.? If my teenaged girls come home pregnant, it certainly wouldn't be cause for celebration. Just my two cents. Parents make it easier and easier for their children to procreate. Of course be supportive, but what happens to your children whilst in your care is YOUR responsibility. I am a HUGE believer in that.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sweet Eight

Went to a party on Saturday night and ended up getting kinda schnockered. After a really good 4.4 that morning, I was supposed to do eight on Sunday. Whoops! Made up for the eight today in good form. This was the first time EVER I wore a hydration belt, lol!!! I usually laugh at those who wear those things. But Bob placed waters and Gatorade on Friday night, and I didn't expect them to be there this morning. The Gatorade was, the water was not. Considering the high humidity and mid-80s at 6:30 this morning, the fuel belt was a welcome addition.

We are watching Hanna. Enough said.

Speed training tomorrow is Yasso's 800s--800 at the marathon time I hope to acheive in MINUTES. Interesting work-out. I will blog about it.