Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jacksonville Bank Marathon 2008

So this was supposed to be a training run for the Goofy Challenge. As I sit here, recovering from my marathon today, I really can't think of anything I would have done any differently. It went well for not being a race I was "supposed to not race", and I am surprised and shocked by the outcome. Please keep in mind my fastest mary is 5:14:00. I was racing that race.

I felt great this morning. I laid off any running for the last 5 days. Did some weights and a little elliptical. Bob and I arrived just before the start, and we found an unoccupied bathroom. YAY US. I started kind of quickly, but I felt strong. Really nothing of any significance until mile 7, where my calves started locking up. I chewed up some new power jellies (cola flavor--they ROCK!). Chatted up with some runners, and carried on.

I arrived to the half-marathon point at 2:15:00, and I thought perhaps I was going too quickly. Bob caught me on a turnaround and waved "hello". I gave him the "thumbs-up".

No shit...everything was great until mile 24, when a blood blister burst on my right foot. I had to sit down and take off my sock, reattach the skin, and re-tie the laces. I never hit a wall. I never suffered.

My finish time will be (with chip)--4:35:something. What a difference a year makes. Don't think for a second I'm not going to improve upon that. Dismantled my PR by over 40 minutes.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jacksonville Marathon Eve Good Night

1. New playlist on iPod--CHECK
2. Gels (the new ones in the gummy shell with liquid center--cola flavor)--CHECK
3. Brand new running shorts a size smaller so my old ones stop falling off--CHECK.
4. Body Glide--Check

I feel stuffed from the pasta, and flabby from the taper (although I actually lost weight, lol). I will be hitting the hay here in a few. I actually was able to pair up my favorite socks. All is right with the world. Predicition 70's, high humidity with ample cloud cover. I may welcome a misty rain.

I want to do well.