Friday, January 30, 2009

Fuck It All, I Am Gonna Run

Doc says I may have mono, but he didn't test for it. I have had a good two days after sleeping for 30 hours almost straight. I am still tired, but I was able to get to the gym today and do biceps, triceps and core. I had a strong strength-training workout, and I ran a good 4 miles with no issues.

I know what the doctor said, but I believe he was erring on the side of caution--hoping that the Azithromycin will improve my condition. WELL, I believe it has. Now, in fairness, I promptly came home from my run and crashed for a couple of hours...but damn it, I have the jimmy legs. My spleen is not enlarged, and I believe I can overcome this and redeem myself from missing the Miami. I have 8 planned for tomorrow, and a possible long run of 20 next weekend. My focus will be on long, slow, quality miles. Everything else is in a higher power's hands.