Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tour De Pain and Whatever, LOL

This is the first time I have done this triad. A 4-mile, a 5k and a mile sprint in 24 hours. Deep, deep South in August--ninety degrees today for the mile "sizzler". I did "OK". I played it safe, and I am fine with it. Eerily, my husband asked what my "OK" goal was for each race as we headed to the venue--and I was RIGHT ON TARGET WITH ALL THREE. No training, no forethought. I just did it.
The 4-mile on the beach was the tempest. I detest running on the beach, and with my visual issues, I always have a difficult time gauging the gullies and tidepools. Thunderstorms loomed, and we were all warned that there was a possibility the race would be cancelled before all the finishers crossed the line. I had reconciled myself to "play it safe", considering my history of injury while running on sand. And true to form, the sand situation was tumultuous. I played it safe and finished modestly in 39:00 unadjusted time. I told Bob I hoped to finish under 40.
The 5k: Oy vey, what can I say? I started out WAY too fast with a 6:58 first mile, panic and a sidestitch. 27:01--meh--I told Bob I hoped to finish in 27:00. I know better! Shows that I haven't been racing lately.
The mile? Downtown? That is the thorn in my side (along with my sidestitch). 3:00 pm, downtown, hotter than hell. I could have done SO much better had I positioned myself in the start better, and closer to the front. I got waylaid by groups running abreast, I got circled in, and I finished in 8:00. That is the only disappointment today. But I told Bob I was thinking 8:00--self-fulfilling prophecy? Afraid to push the envelope? Sucks that my first mile for the 5k was so much faster. I could have smoked that mile, I just know it. No worries, I will get 'em next year. Hot date with the man tonight:), what can be better than that? I am 352 in the pic, the only time I had some space. Blue hat, up front, breaking away from the pack.