Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Long Run In Weeks/Survey The Damage

WELL...we ended up losing a lot more fence than the previous picture. Damn if that storm didn't hang around for a couple of days! I did 7.15 HARD, HUMID, HEAVY miles today. The air was saturated with moisture, and there was NOWHERE for the sweat to dissipate. Bob struggled as well, after hanging around in a house for four days.
I was able to download some old favorites from Jane's Addiction on my iPod, and I just chugged along this morning at a sometimes fast, mostly moderate pace. Gotta build it back up! No slacking!

So here is a few pics I took of the finicky Fay. The shot on the lake? The water was all the way up to the back doors of my neighbor's house. The tree in my other neighbor's yard went down last night.