Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good morning, Blog

It's Tuesday and I got up at 4 AM to go hit the track with the running group. I despise track when I am there--especially this morning. It was 50 degrees and there was a good wind I was up against. I screwed up the work-out. I ended up doing a bunch of 4X400s when I was was supposed to do 4X200s. I realized this talking to Bob just now. Oh well. I love track when it's over, lol. I do feel a sense of accomplishment.

So the Pittsburgh story. Bob and I never figured that the marathon would close. We just assumed we would go to the expo, register, and rest on our laurels. Well, a couple of weeks ago, we found that there was a cap on the race. Much to our dismay, we were also informed the waiting list had closed! Bob already purchased airline tickets on Orbitz--so no refund for us! Plus, this is a historic trip for Bob because he is going to meet his biological mother for the first time. She placed him up for adoption almost 43 years ago, when he was a newborn. So after six years of sporadic searching and investigating, I was finally able to locate her. The rapport she and Bob have built is refreshing, and we are looking forward to making this trip. Well, she seems very impressed with Bob's running. She always asks him questions about his training, races, etc. She was thrilled that we are doing this race, sending us links various media coverages. Turns out, she has a connection with a local charity. Within two days of breaking the unhappy news that we weren't going to race, Bob's biological mother announced she had gotten us in through the charity!! And it isn't going to break the bank!!! Plus, of course, now the race is a write-off, so SCORE US!

This sudden change in plans has left me without a plan! The race is in four weeks, and I am not prepared. So I have decided to pile on the miles now...did six Sunday and biked, did three yesterday, did 5.5 today at track and tomorrow I will do 13-14. We are going home this weekend, and we picked up a 5K in Sunrise--Easter Sunday. I will do a 17 next Wednesday, and the next weekend I will carve out a 19-20. That will be my last long run before the marathon on May 3. I think I am more leery of the elevations of the race more than anything. I haven't been in the Northeast since 2001...ought to be interesting.