Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Damn it all

The problem with my shoulder is persistent. I don't want to give up the newly acquired definition I have obtained, but I think it is more than the shoulder itself. I think it is a pinched nerve coming down from the base of my neck and distally to the smaller three of my fingers of the right hand.

I can't afford a MRI right now. This sucks. I used to think it was Carpal Tunnel, but now I am not so sure. My mother underwent some nerve manipulation, and it worked wonders for her. Problem is, this is going to have to brushed aside until we enhance our insurance and the upcoming marathon season is over. Bob and I have already paid for the Goofy Challenge and the Miami marathon.

The nurse in me knows the symptoms aren't congruent with Carpal, and she also knows she needs an MRI.

Long run in the AM....long for me with my stupid schedule, seven and a half. I AM GOING TO PLOW THROUGH IT. I am stoked. I am blessed that Bob doesn't have to go in so early.

Johnny, miss you to pieces. I will email you.