Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dusting Off

And attempting S3 class this morning. I refuse to let the crud get me down. This S3 class really gets my heart going, and I don't even work half as hard running a marathon!!! Here's to putting my eggs in an explosive training basket. I have already seen improvement in the sledding aspect, and my sprints have become a little more powerful..well, they were before this respiratory infection. We shall see how today goes. I am still wheezing like an 80-year-old smoker, but oh well.

Another kid is home from school today. She is not feeling well, but I also know she is having some issues at school with a former friend of hers. Remember how cruel Junior High girls could be? Well, it's her turn to experience the thrill of bitchy looks and whispered secrets. Her former best friend has turned on her and I think it all started over a boy. Apparently this other young lady, "J", was toying with a boy she wasn't exceptionally fond of, but kept him around as "boyfriend" for entertainment purposes. "J" was very verbal about her feelings for him, "OMG, like I am SO getting TIRED of him! I probably think I am gonna like dump him tomorrow". Well, this boyfriend eventually got put-off by her threats and left "J", and professing his attraction to my daughter. Now my daughter, "B", is not allowed to date until she is 16. She has been fine with this, but she does flirt at school and have friends who are boys. But I had to do what a Mom had to do and I sat her down and gave her the number one rule of the "GIRL CLUB"--"NEVER DATE A FRIEND'S EX-BOYFRIEND FOR ANY REASON EVER IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE HAVING THAT FRIEND." This rule almost as prolific as, "Never EVER tell your best friend she looks fat in that dress, even though she does." And like the good kid "B" usually is, she heeded my words but continued a flirtatious relationship with the dumpee. This led to an instability in the friendship between "J" and "B", complete with whispers, rolling eyes and rumors. Poor "B". Little does she know how insignificant this will be in the long run. Meanwhile, I want to jack up "J" for making my baby cry. Junior High seems like a million years ago, but it a record that replays every year for 13 and 14-year-olds...that song remains the same. The fashions may change, but there is no deviation from the behavior.

OK, I am jumping in! Talk to you later.