Friday, June 27, 2008

Thunderstorms, trees and money ain't growin' on them!

I type this awaiting one of the incredible summer thunderstorms that approach North Florida in the late afternoons. WE have electricians rewiring the electrical source to our swimming pool that the tree surgeons unceremoniously and negligently dug up while grinding the tree stump of the magnificent water oak we murdered. This whole rewiring will exceed the cost of the actual tree fees. How can we spend so many thousands of dollars in one week?

I have blown off running and working out today. I just wasn't in the mood. My search continues for Bob's birth family, and I have access to sites dedicated to such that I get the privilege to read all of the reunion stories. It gives me hope that we will be successful. I get tearful.

I also had time to dig out some very funny photos of classmates from high school that I will submit to the reunion company, lol!!! How silly we were. Some folks are going to be VERY embarrassed.

I am running tomorrow morning, DAMN IT. I am running ten fantastic miles and my legs will thank me for it. I will go to River Road and get my fix. I will thank the heavens on Sunday that I have this wonderful man in my life. We will celebrate his 42nd birthday with friends and family.

Happy birthday, Roberto.