Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tour De Pain--Jacksonville

Tomorrow begins the "Tour De Pain", a series of three races in 24 hours. Bob and I have the 5-miler on the beach tomorrow evening, a 5k early Saturday, and a one-miler in the late afternoon later that day. I am dreading it. My "get up" has been lacking lately, and my speed is...well...shall I even call it speed? My history of beach runs being my most injury prone endeavors, I have decided to play it safe for the 4-miler, run strong but not competitive for the 5k, and give it all I got for the mile. Bob's goal is for an overall collective time of under a hour. I have total faith that he will achieve this. My mission is to finish uninjured and "un" miserable.

I need to get a solid weight-training schedule down and stick to it. The marathon training is the same old grind, and I will get through it.

We are taking the kiddos to the beach tomorrow. The temps here have been wicked, flirting the 100 degree mark. The weather is supposed to lighten up a little in that department, with thunderstorms expected at race time (early evening). I guess I will be running for my life, lol!
I am happiest and most content on the beach. Always have been.

Well, my first race report since my 5k age division win will be coming up. Don't try to keep a straight face, I will be laughing along with you.