Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Foot hurts:(

I wore heels last night and I twisted my foot. Now I have a soft tissue injury that I sincerely hope is resolved this weekend. I have a five mile planned for Saturday and a ten mile on Sunday. This is all on the training plan for the Goofy Challenge. So tomorrow I will have to use the tedious elliptical machine in lieu of the seven miler I had planned. Drats.

S3 training today with some serious hamstring, quad and shoulder work. There is a maneuver called a "thruster"....and get your head out of the gutter, buddy.... that requires two 20-pound handweights. You do the deadlift with the weights and then squat and thrust for the overhead press. Very challenging in a speed exercise. I am sure I will be feeling it tomorrow. Meanwhile, I am getting some "guns". All the weight training is starting to pay off when it comes to the definition in my upper arms. Maybe I can kick Bob's ass someday;).

Speed training yesterday was a killer 600X200 times three with a lap recovery done three times in that sequence. I made it to about two and a half. Oh well, maybe I will get 'em next time.

An can Sarah Palin push for abstinence-only sex ed programs when her own daughter is knocked up? Since when is this o.k.? If my teenaged girls come home pregnant, it certainly wouldn't be cause for celebration. Just my two cents. Parents make it easier and easier for their children to procreate. Of course be supportive, but what happens to your children whilst in your care is YOUR responsibility. I am a HUGE believer in that.