Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Slave to the Garmin

I finally dusted off the old Garmin and attached it to my wrist. I told myself "we" were going to do 7 solid miles at a 9:30 pace or better. I figured I will train for these half-marathons that are coming up, even though I already have the mileage to do one today with no problem. The problem is--I want to do it faster. My best half is 2:10:44--that is a 10:02 mile. That was in 2006, and I know I can do better this year. If I want to finish in 2:05:00, I have to run the half at 9:32. I can do this. I keep telling myself I can do this.

So I set off paying more attention to my Garmin than my surroundings (which is why I detest the Garmin). Look down--8:32 "TOO FREAKING FAST, LEE ANN YA DOOFUS"....moderate...moderate....Look down--10:02 "FOR THE LOVE OF MARY, COME ON NOW!". I was laughing hysterically that I couldn't get "right" with the pace. So I was all over the road, all over the mileage; and I was feeling pretty stupid. I will admit I struggled somewhat throughout the run. But I had decided if I can just add on every other week at this particular pace, I should be able to pull this off.

My final minute per mile tally today for the seven? 9:30. It's doable.