Friday, July 11, 2008

A Day At the Beach

The man and I hauled six children to the beach today. I couldn't get over how cold the water was! We had a great time, and the baby HATED the water. Bob commented on how little girls are so much braver than little boys--and he is on target! Marco kicked around the soccer ball and chased seagulls. We had shrimp cocktail, spicy wings, and the freshest, most succulent strawberries I think I have ever had. We are going back to Publix to get some more. A nice departure from the tomato salmonella scare that keeps me away from my beloved Roma tomatoes. Want a quick, satisfying snack that performs? Slice Roma tomatoes and roast in oven until shrinkage (ha ha) occurs (no browning, then it is kinda gross). Remove tomatoes from oven. On another baking sheet--use olive oil to prepare the pan, place triscuit crackers on pan. Smear a little pesto paste on each cracker, add one slice roasted tomato and a sprinkling of fresh, shaved parmesan cheese. Bake in oven @ 350 until cheese is melted. WHOA BABY. I betcha the roasting kills whatever slamonella is present, lol!

So the strawberries were fantastic. We had some Heineken Light, and a nice day was had by all. I am resting up for my long run on Sunday. I am looking forward to new scenery with this group Bob and I are joining up with. The man and I have even been juggling ideas about a business venture, and scheming to incorporate running into the mix. Stay tuned. I have some work ahead of me.

Headed to the gym tomorrow for some strength training. How I love the weekends!