Monday, January 5, 2009


I have been working so hard with my job. I am at it any chance I get. Sometimes I pull all-nighters. My sleep schedule is screwy, my father is ill, and I have the Disney Goofy Challenge next weekend. I am a size four. I haven't been there (weight-wise) since high school. I am EXACTLY the same weight I was when I graduated high school. I am running well. I am lucrative with my business. I have a wide open chasm to throw pennies in for the Summer.

Spring brings an auspicious occassion. I located my husband's biological mother. She lives in Pittsburgh. They are bonding. After six years of searching, I succeeded. She wants to meet her beautiful and intelligent son. It will be her birthday, Mother's Day, and a chance for my husband to show me around the city he spent his childhood in. Why not a marathon? What a great chance to reunite.

I will be completing FOUR marathons in less than half a year. My business is thriving. My kids are AMAZING.

I saw the movie about the ultra marathoners meandering themselves across the Sahara. Like a hundred and something days, almost 1500 miles (I think). My interest is piqued.

.....passing thought.....

Pittsburgh......hill training intervals on biggie, girl......

I am good. It is ALL good.