Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chocolate Pudding, Triceps and a "Shout Out" to Soleslide for reading my blog

And never forget Johnny:). I am on day one of this miserable nutrition plan and already I an HATING IT. I already know I can't follow it perfectly--that would require me not to use my artificial sweetener in my coffee and the obliteration of my precious cottage cheese (yeah buddy, try and pry that from my cold, dead hands). I did really well today, and my triceps are literally trembling like scared little girls after my afternoon workout. I am DETERMINED to get stronger. I just don't want to be that Athena placing in my category, I want to be that woman placing...period.

My husband made chocolate and vanilla pudding tarts topped with fresh berries tonight. ***SIGH*** Now he is on my shit list because I can't indulge. I am following this thing through, I assure you. Your girl is out for a 10 miler tomorrow. The mission is, "NO SUFFERING OR WANTING TO QUIT". Translated, "pace yourself, or you will blow your wad and be a pussy."

I have to make this short and simple---I am putting highlights in my hair for the long journey back to my blondeness. The brunette was fun for a change, but it really isn't me.

OH! Before I head out--please pray for my Lindsay's soccer coach. He kept her on the bench for 75% of her game today for no good reason. Lucky her stepdad was there and not me--cooler heads wouldn't have prevailed. Nobody puts Lindsay in the corner!