Thursday, May 1, 2008

Turkey Burgers and Barefoot Running

So I was sprinting in my S3 class today. I couldn't move very fast because my toes all get shoved around in my Asics and it sucks. So I asked the trainer if I run barefooted, and damn if I wasn't a whole bunch faster and more efficient. I can't make this a habit, because you do increase the potential for ankle rolling. I definitely don't need that. I can tell I am making progress in bicep and chest development. It may be time to up the ante in the weight and reps department. As long as I don't end up looking like "Starla", lol!! OK, an obscure reference to "Napoleon Dynamite."

I came home and I was STARVING@@@!!!@@@ Had a turkey burger on a bed of lettuce, hamburger dills and onion and mustard. I won't tell you about the german chocolate cupcakes I had last night. Did I just write that? WHOOPS! I am still hungry. Hormones and high-intensity training do not mix in the nutritional department.

Marc got kicked out of the Kid Zone for biting today. Another member of S3 says if I bite him back, that issue would go away. I don't think I can. I have to find something to get him out of his aggressive behavior. I know it has originated from being the youngest and only boy of six siblings, and he wants to break free of the coddling and doting of his big sisters. He wants his space, and he wants it now, damn it! I don't blame him. Sometimes I want to run like hell, but I would run all the more faster back home.

I blew off my run yesterday, so I have to make up for it bright and early tomorrow morning. I am going to encourage the kids to use the pool this weekend. Keeps them out of my hair, but Marc has no fear and our pool is almost 10 feet deep at the deep end. I am going to have to buy some superstar floaties!

Summer in Florida is upon us.