Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Awesome Speedwork Today At Track

Bob and I continue to incorporate speedwork intervals at a track with the group we have been running with. This group of folks are the local age group and masters winners, so training with them is kind of like being the caboose on a long train. Usually I finish dead last, lucky to even complete the workout at all! I have no issues with that, I am the maverick of mediocrity and it is a title I have learned to appreciate. I would much rather be a midpack runner than a sedentary mom who's only exercise is cleaning out the refrigerator and washing sippy cups.

But today was DIFFERENT. This was the workout: 1200 w/400 jog, 800 w/400 jog, 400 w/200 jog, 300 w/100 jog, 200 w/200 jog--a ladder. For the 1200 and the 800, I held back a little because I panicked again. WHY WHY WHY? Why can't I just let go and let myself "go there"? But I completed them in a timely manner, and I was resolved to finish the rest at maximum. And so I did. My arms were pumping, I elevated my kick and lengthened my stride. It was good, and I worked hard. This time, I didn't finish the work-out last. I finished strong, and it was a nice departure from my average race series this weekend. I almost hate to get lured into the speed again with marathon season upon us; but Bob suggested I stick with the once-a-week speed training in lieu of a spin class. This way I won't rob Peter to pay Paul, I still get the same burn and work out in the discipline of my choice.

The track work-out started at 5:15--we have to leave the house at 4:50. I was exhausted and promptly crashed for two hours when we returned home--DEEP sleep. Gotta love it.

We have S-3 tomorrow, so I have to coordinate what we are doing and get it down on paper. I have been including "Crossfit" exercises in the routine, and the others really seem to enjoy it. We are all getting a good work-out, but sometimes I have a hard time changing things up. We haven't done pull-ups in awhile, maybe I will re-visit that. I did shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps yesterday, and I am still as sore as hell!!!! Plus the Olympics are in full swing, and it's hard to turn off the television at night. I don't know how much good I am going to be, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.