Sunday, November 23, 2008

20 done

After last weekend's debacle of only completing half of my 20-mile long run--I finally fueled up the right way last night, and I redeemed myself. I did it in 3:40ish, was stopped by a train and a wardrobe change (weather heated up significantly, so my sweet husband drove up with shorts to replace my tights). So if I keep this up, I will have a respectable marathon time. The quandry will be which marathon I will do that in.

My husband and I have decided to do the Jacksonville Bank marathon as a training run (second year I have done this). It is a fast and flat course I am very familiar with. If I feel good and strong, I may do ok. But then again, we have the Miami full marathon several weeks after the Goofy Challenge. If I take it easy after the Goofy, and limit my runs to nothing more than ten miles--that may be the one I choose. We shall see. I had such a sweet half there last January, and a horrific half there the year before.

Blessings--no injuries, no aches. All I have to contend with are throbbing toenails screaming to fall off my feet. And they will. I have no use for them during marathon season. My only challenges have been improper fueling, poor eating and fatigue. Those are more easily remedied. I just have to remember to do that, lol.