Tuesday, July 22, 2008


No--not the awesome song by Led Zeppelin. ME! I have been battling this flu/virus/whatever since Saturday. Had to duck out of the 8 and a half on Saturday at about mile 4.5. I just couldn't do it any longer. I spent the next couple of days in bed, watching bad television and feeling sorry for myself. Today was the first day I got up off my ass and did about 3.75 on the dreadmill at a 9:00 mile and I walked one. I tried to feign weight training, but I didn't get too far. Thank goodness the kids are self-contained for the most part. I am aching as I type this.SO! I did attend the Democratic headquarters grand opening on Friday. A good day was had by all. I was thoroughly impressed by Tim Cunha--a candidate running for congress for Florida's sixth district.http://www.timcunha.com/What a dynamic orator and politician! He seems to be well-invested in his constituents, and I will be voting for him.My Obama yard sign did not survive the weekend. I sent a mass email to my neighborhood telling them essentially to "fuck off". The response? The community's rules and bylaws prohibit the posting of political signs--NEVER MIND THAT ALL THE THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES IN THE UPCOMING ELECTION WERE OUT IN FULL FORCE. If ONE McSAME sign is erected--damn skippy my Obama will be replaced. My first amendment rights so casually overlooked--our neighborhood isn't even incorporated, so we really have no legal obligation to follow the rules or pay the yearly fees. I want my children to be proactive and who they are--not defined by the "status quo". Alison suggested I should smear dog feces around the sign, and deposit piles around the base of the sign...that way, the next thief will have an umpleasant surprise executing his cowardly act.