Tuesday, April 22, 2008


S3 kicked my ass today. We pushed a sled across the field outside, and LORD HAVE MERCY what a buttkicker! Then we had to relay medicine balls and use bands around our ankles to go across the field, only to sprint to the beginning and do it all over again 2 more times. Then we had some repetitions in the weight room with pull ups, presses, triceps and biceps...now I don't know if I really want to quit this class~~~what do I do? I was literally breathing blood and my heart got pumping; I couldn't even speak at times. And this is an ANAEROBIC CLASS! If they implement more of this type of training, there is no way in the world I wouldn't be ripped. I m going to have to throw it by the man and see what he says. Another hundred bucks of personal training, and I don't know if he wants to swing that...especially when he thinks I can do it all on my own, anyhow. But I do love the class atmosphere. It is organized and fast paced, and there is no room for distraction.

The only thing that seems to be lagging a little is my running; I know I am not logging the miles that I usually do, but I don't have any long distance races coming up...so why sweat it?