Friday, July 25, 2008

Forgive me

...and my lack of grammatical and punctuation skill as of late. This illness kicked my ass, but I am better and ready to go. So today I acquiesced and purchased a running skirt. I found the Nike version at the store, and Bob encouraged me to try it on. Envision a woman in a dressing room....jumping....jogging in place....swishing her hips back and forth. I wanted to ensure the compression shorts didn't give me the ultimate wedgie. I LOVE IT. I FEEL FREE AND UNFETTERED. I am excited of easing myself back into running Sunday with my new skirt. I am hitting the gym tomorrow for strength training, and then a 7.5 the day after. Whatever virus I had was a bitch. I almost feel as though I have deconditioned in one week. I have new apparel, I have a new "fresh legs" feeling, and I have my beloved route that puts me on a hill decline from mile 4-5.

GREAT NEWS!!! Another old friend from high school contacted me, and she is intending on attending our reunion my birthday weekend. This ought to be fun. I am so excited about meeting up with past buds; and as always, seeing my best friend for over 23 years. PLEASE don't let the DJ play worn-out eighties tunes--but I suppose I will have to expect that.

Bob and I have a laid-back weekend planned. We started off with a visit to the beach today. The skies were clear, the ocean was transparent peridot, and I harrassed a crab. A good time was had by all, and some of us are a little red.

AND SO--time to get serious. Training for the Goofy Challenge MUST commence. I am shaking off this malady. I am focused. I am also down another size (from the stomach issues).

I just need new music yet again. The quest begins.

The 7.5 on Sunday. The spinning intervals Monday. Speed training at the track on Tuesday. The year just flew by; and so I realize, marathoning is a lifestyle, a routine, an expectation.

Here we go!