Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"My Relationship Garden"

My husband is lying beside me in bed, singing a made-up song and it goes like this: "My relationship garden, where is my relationship garden? I had a relationship garden, and now there is none." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! He is referring to the fact that we have been running with this group (which in and of itself is not a big deal with the mileage, but rather the time of day we have to awaken in order to ATTEND these group runs). The alarm clock is set for 4 AM so that we may travel and be pseudotysongaysanddeenakastors. Ha Ha Ha. Right. So thus no energy for other endeavors. And I also busted my ass at the gym today with hardcore upper body and core. Tomorrow we embark on downtown's bridges. Bright and early to conquer Florida's only elevations--manmade bridges over waterways.

Poor Bob. I get through tomorrow and move on to Saturday and eight and a ten/eleven. We might as well--we do have the Goofy Challenge to prepare for. I am going to be a sleeping beauty with each passing month.

By the way--I have let go the speed issue. Just run. Just shut up and run--it doesn't matter how fast you get there if everyone eventually gets there. Right?