Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Caffeine--the new "sleep"?

I am exhausted. We have to get up at four a.m. on Tuesdays for that speed training we participate in every week. The first 1000's sucked in a big way. I really didn't give it my all. But then I moved on to the 200's, and I was trucking. I always run better in the MIDDLE of my run, lol! I think that's when the mojo kicks in. And then today was the S3, and I find myself consuming more coffee to stay awake during the day. I have always been a "head hit the pillow" out-cold kinda gal. Someting is different. I can't sleep. This never happens to me. I have a difficult time falling asleep at night because I have been having nightmares recently. It's almost if I am afraid to go asleep (enter Freddie), because of the heinous, nocturnal images that have been playing behind my eyes. Last night, I fell into a lake. It was a sludgy, fetid lake with dark, murky water and the suggestion of raw sewage. I figured I could keep my head above water and pick my way through the flotsam to the muddy shore. Easy enough, it seemed. The lake was, in theory, the lake we live on--just the worst manifestation of my friendly and familiar lake in this particular dream. A current was activated like machinery the moment I entered the still water, and I was suddenly pulled into the St. John's and then out to sea.

I have been watching a friend's baby two days a week as a favor. I will have to try to knock a 5K out tomorrow before she gets dropped off. Another early morning--but Friday is a rest day, and we have our four mile on Saturday and the eight mile Sunday. Maybe training for the Goofy Challenge will tame these nasty dreams once and for all. Nothing like some mileage collection in the mission for deep sleep. REM can keep it's distance. Sorry Michael Stipe;).