Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Toenails! Black and Beautiful!

Crap, I misplaced my diet coke...hold on a sec.

We did S-3 training today--WOOHOO what a class. I was at the point where I couldn't even talk! We sweat ourselves silly. After my 7 miler yesterday, I have a blood blister under the second largest toe on my left foot. I am going to lose it. That probably makes the tenth toenail I have lost as a result of running. The painful toe made the ladder suicide sprints obnoxious, with all of the quick stop and gos. But GOOD NEWS! I think I have convinced Bob to run with the group this weekend! I suggested the change of scenery would be a nice variance to our normal routes. I think he is going because he is worried about me running with people I am not familiar with.

Quick RAVE--Cheez-It Zesty Queso flavor. Fantastic, addictive, 'nuff said.

Tomorrow I am going to kick in speed training again for the 3.1 mile loop I have neglected recently. I am not setting any minute/mile goals--I am simply going to run my heart out as fast as I can. Maybe this will be the run that excavates the blackened toenail!! That would be the biggest relief, ha ha ha. I want to do this strongly and without angst and suffering. If I focus on the fact that it is only 3.1 miles, I will psych myself into running a better run (or bettering my running, lol).

Bob and I talked about getting out the generator and making sure it works. He has this gut feeling we are going to get one good storm this year, and he wants to make sure we have all of our ducks in a row. Candles, we go again! Thank goodness we got the tree situation taken care of. After that hurricane of 2004, we don't want to go through the agony of no power for 4 days again...although NOTHING compared to those who suffered through Katrina. I have plans even to occupy the children. I will go to the public library to stock up on books before the storm hits. We have a portable television that is battery operated--although since TV is going from analog to digital, this may be the last year we could use this television. And it certainly isn't worth the money to get the part that helps make it digital ready.

Well, I am off to figure out what to feed the kiddos for dinner. Not much going on today, but I am looking forward to the morning.