Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In Loving Memory

This morning, our 5-year-old guinea pig brothers, Tony and Guido, passed away together of natural causes. Guinea pig life expectancy is usually 4-7 years, 5 being average. They looked older to me, and had lately developed liver spots on the skin underneath their fur. The wonderful thing about them is that usually two male guinea pigs (boars), usually do not fare well in the same cage. They can be confrontational and aggressive. Tony and Guido were brothers and friends to the end. They would cuddle and sleep together--and that is how they were found this morning. They also represent a painful time in my childrens' lives; we having acquired them shortly after Danny's death. I thought they would be a good diversion. Samantha was hit the hardest. She was charged with their daily water and food provisions.

Sam wrote a beautiful eulogy, and they were buried together in a shoebox within the pink camellia bushes. So strange I had been thinking of Danny lately, and then the piggies passed away. Another moment in time. Another good-bye. Another transition.

Funny how two elderly guinea pigs elicit such deep emotion, but I suppose it is the history behind it. This helps me to understand others when they grieve or suffer for something that I may deem as ordinary. It also teaches me not to be so judgemental of what is important to others.

Tony and Guido. Guinea pigs. RIP.