Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My peers thinking "old"?

Since when is 38-39 "old"? I have received NO LESS than two group emails within the last couple of days about aging, middle-age, getting old, whatever. These emails address everything from sagging bellies (don't have one, thanks), graying hair (so, a little tint every once in awhile), and even a reference to being able to see your ass as you stand facing the mirror. Well, I lost my ass to running. Not a bad sacrifice. What I can't see won't hurt me.

I am not old! I don't feel old. I have a hard time connecting with peers who think they are old. Approaching 40? BRING IT ON. I am only getting stronger. My children keep me on my toes. My mind keeps me searching for knowledge and useless information to harbor and later use in a trivia game. With all the physical activity, my arms and legs are better than they looked at seventeen! The only reason I dread turning 40 is the realization that my running age group is a hell of a lot more competitive. The bar has been set.

So to all you ladies out there thinking you are old--

This is your "40".