Friday, April 18, 2008

Best Weather Ever

I bribed my oldest with a ride to school if she stayed home with the little ones this morning so I could do about 7 or so. THIS is the BEST time of year here for running. I took off at dawn, it was in the high 50's. The humidity is offset by the lower temps (and they are a little low for North Florida right now). Virtually no wind, and I had a stellar runner's high at about mile 4, with a sweet negative split. How come some days I just got it, and some days I don't? Seems there is no rhyme or reason to the quality of runs I achieve, unless of course there are some underlying circumstances like a slight illness, etc. Giggled to myself thinking about how my Gel Kayanos are for heavy runners...and how I am not heavy anymore. I told my husband today I know I am just the happiest person alive. Every mile expended is another year shaved off, and I feel fucking fantastic. I even managed to pull off a birthday party for Shelby today, and I had a HUGE slice of ice cream cake.

So my friend Alison and I decided to put our diets in check and begin a regimen of "clean eating". This all begins Saturday morning. No processed foods or "white" grains and pastas. All things not from nature will be obliterated from our intake. This ought to be one hell of a challenge because I am going to have to keep a separate pantry from the rest of the family. Good news is, I can totally trust they aren't going to want to have what Mommy's having, lol!! Junk out, good stuff in and let's see if I become a more efficient machine. The old man isn't very happy about it; he does not want me losing any weight. I figure a good 5-10 pounds of fat in exchange for the lean muscle mass won't be that much of a difference and all parties involved will be fine.

Bless his heart, he offered to take me and Alison for a little "ladies only" get-together at a friend's house and pick us up so we don't have to worry about driving! How cool is that? We can get a little buzz and not have to worry about a thing.

Have I mentioned how wonderful life really is? IT IS!! IT IS!! How I got to be so lucky, I will never know.