Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lazy Day

I have neglected my blog and my weight training, but that is ok with me! I am still so sore from S3 (my last official class) the other day. Bob and I decided we had enough skill to embark on our own, and apparently others think so they are going to join us. I think that is such a great shot in the arm for my gentle giant. He is the sweetest man ever.

Last night I had an evening out with the girls and I was lured into seeing the "Sex In The City" movie. Two words--IT SUCKED. I can't believe I sat through that mess, and it was excrutiatingly LONG to boot!!!

I am going to run tommorrow...and what I should do is take some photos of my River Road. Despite all the issues with money and life (I may have to sacrifice the triathlon because of the fees), I am loving where I am right now. Loving my solitary runs, loving my family, loving the river and the wildlife who greet me in the early hours (sans the SNAKES, EW!).

My eldest won two major choral awards, and I am so proud of her. I love watching her with her Fender Strat....