Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good news, bad news, expectation

Bob and I awoke this morning with every intention of driving out to run with the "group". At 4 AM we stumbled toward the door to check the conditions--steady downpour. We simply glanced at each other and grunted, "UhUh". Back to bed, and dreamland. 4.1 boring, increased pace miles on the treadmill instead. ***SIGH***

The good news? We had an actual "credit" on our daughter's orthodontic bill; and Bob received good news about some "forgotten" billing for some of his insurance carriers.

BETTER news? My county's Democratic headquarters is having a grand re-opening tomorrow. I am so glad I get to connect with many like-minded women who belong to our mothers' group. I can't wait to procure some Obama bumperstickers. Hell, I may even score a tee-shirt. Little things make me happy. Making a difference and being part of the community makes me ECSTATIC.

The "expectation" is that I remain injury-free. I feel stronger than ever, and I am really beginning to see muscular differences in my back and shoulders. I don't think I have ever been so healthy (and so tired, lol) in my entire life. The "expectation" is that marathon training is upon me. I have to be so careful, Because of the Goofy Challenge, I have to do two long runs every other weekend. I still don't want to trash any hope of the Miami ING being somewhat of an improvement.

Note: I read something very provoking the other day. "Iraq wants the United States to help them develop a constitution. We may as well give them ours, we aren't using it anymore."

Truer words have never been spoken. We all will get through this, right?