Monday, April 21, 2008

Too Good To Be True?

I did it. I surpassed hubby's expectations (and mine). You think you know yourself pretty well--but I never give myself enough credit for certain things. I completed a swim mile, and it was easy as pie. I just felt like, "Is that it?". Bob was amazed, he said; "See? See how the running has conditioned you?"

Truth is, I was always a good swimmer. I just never treated it as a long distance activity. So I am at week two, with only 30 laps to complete slowly...and I cranked out 36 with the last four a sprint and WOOHOO WOOT! Well shit peoples! I live in Florida, practically grew up on the beach. So I did the swim mile, hopped on the bike for 5...then a quick 8 minute mile sprint running. It's good! It isn't impossible! Now I am feeling competitive. I have to squelch that.

It is such a shame that at 38, I found something I truly like. What would have been the options had I been younger?

Busy day today, feeling like I am 18 again--no shit. I would love to spread the love about fitness.