Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life IS Good

It really is. I had a fantastic 8-mile run yesterday and I didn't hack up a lung. The weather was absolutely perfect, and I thought as much as I am homesick for South Florida, North Florida is really gorgeous this time of year. It will be 78 degrees today, flowers are in full bloom and we shall be able to use the pool in less than a month.

I had that S3 training outside today and BOY is that a phenomenal workout. I HIGHLY recommend explosive training to sprinters and sprint triathletes. I think it is REALLY going to help me in the long run. I am really isolating muscles I never knew I had.

OH! Let me pose this. There is a personal trainer at my gym. He is a cyclist mainly, but has had triathlon and trail/road race experience. Sweetest guy you ever want to meet, not even a bit full of himself and VERY modest usually. Well, weeks ago he told me he signed up for a 30-miler trail race...BUT HE HAS NEVER RUN A MARATHON...EVER. His longest distance is the half. I asked him if he was sure he knew what he was doing, and he said, "Yeah I am in excellent shape and my running has really improved." I said absolutely nothing after that. The only thing I could do was wish him luck last week.

I saw him today. He DNF'd. He said he dropped out at mile 23. I told him that sucked and I suggested maybe training for a roadrace marathon in the autumn. I like the Jacksonville Bank full marathon because it is a fast, flat and shady course. It also is a very small race, and the runners get really spread out--so no pressure to do anything to alter your pace plan. Well, he said, "No Way" "Too boring" "Too flat". He said his issue with the DNF was because all the runners started off fast, and he just got caught up. WELL DUH!!! Don't you think the reasons for not doing the Jax full (or any other road full for that matter), are the very reason why you should? I mean, WTF? I train for months before my marathons, with a specific plan that I abide by. The result? I FINISH MY MARATHONS! I couldn't ever imagine trying to conquer any marathon--road or trail--without logging that mileage, EVER.

Is it just me or....."DUH"?