Sunday, July 6, 2008

Silly Me

I did 9.6 this morning with the intent on doing them quickly. I really want to up the ante with the three half-marathons coming up in the autumn. Perfect conditions this morning, light misty breeze and a coolness that is uncommon this time of year.

I set off at a moderate pace and treated the first 3 or so miles as a warm-up, and then I spied a runner in the distance and what do you think happened next? My silly brain began pressuring me to catch her. I was going about an eight flat mile when I passed her, and then I was determined to smoke her--so I sped up even more. Dumb and dumber. Never mind that I indulged on Bob's decadent (but oh so dehydrating baby back ribs last night), never mind that I still had a good three and a half miles to go, or that my right pinky toe was threatening me with a blister...

Bob caught up with me at about this point and I had to put Carmex on my toe--but hey, it worked! Whatever gets you through. He stuck with me for about another mile and a half. Then he left me in the dust, ha ha ha. Now I am lazing in bed before the house is invaded by screaming and giggling children. My folks and my niece are here, and I am enjoying this time I have to myself.