Saturday, October 4, 2008

Half-Marathon PR

Well, damn it if I did exactly what I wasn't supposed to do, but I am no worse for wear because of it. My diaphragm has been giving me issues with cramping into my ribcage. Felt it last night, and I was awake since 3AM ruminating that I was going to suck major ass at the Marine Corps Half Marathon. Bob kept reminding me the point of the run was a training run, and that I had to remind myself of the six miles I finished in less than an hour yesterday.

We positioned ourselves midway toward the back at the start. I started off strong and faster than I should have--reaching mile 2 in 17 minutes. I had to slow down just a bit, and I cruised along. I saw a lot of friends and acquaintances at this point. I was pacing really well until I saw my friend at mile 5. She said she felt good, but that she had better slow down just a tad. Well, she didn't really take her own advice. I fell behind a little, I would catch up, she shared her Gu with me around mile 7. Then she passed me up again, and then I came upon her walking. I told her some words of encouragement. And I hung with her until just before mile 12.

Eventually she was lost behind me, and I felt a surge to get this race done. I sprinted the last mile and I believe my time will be somewhere 2:06-ish--I am still awaiting the results. That is a PR for me, and Bob may have had one as well. I feel good, the weather was fantastic, but those damn bridges are a BEAR. We saw all the folks from the running group, and we took photos.
I am now tired, and I have a party tonight.

Overall, this particular race is fun with a good showing. You do have to tackle the Main and Acosta bridges early in the race--and there is an uphill ramp around mile 11 that is a real challenge, but you are rewarded at the end with a walkway headed straight down--so it's a nice recovery sprint. A nice crowd greets you at the finish, and if you are lucky enough to have a doting husband--and ice cold beer!