Monday, July 14, 2008

Spinning alone

So I decided to put together my own cycling playlist, and I waited until the class was over to go into the spin room. I cycled for 45 minutes in the dark, all by myself and DAMN, I got one hell of a workout. Then I started thinking, "I like cycling so much as a crosstrain, why don't I just get certified?" I will do some homework and see what comes of it. It shouldn't be that difficult. I can get paid, get free childcare, and receive a great workout all at the same time.

Update about the search: Bob and I were notified Friday that there is a potential match for his birthmother in this large, international database. The problem is, we need to provide more information. I haven't received the non-identifying information from the courthouse yet. It could be months before we find out anything. But wouldn't it be incredible if someone was actually searching for Bob? After all these years? Five years of searching, and we are just a little more hopeful. I keep telling myself to have a little patience with this stuff.

Trying to decide how far I want to run tomorrow. For some reason, five sounds great. I haven't done my 5-mile route in awhile. It's a shame I can't do the track practice with that group I ran with yesterday. But I simply can't make it there that early in the morning. I have always wanted to go to the private school down the road from my house and do speed training on their track--but it is private, so I am SOL. I would be so embarrassed if I got kicked off, lol! It would probably remind me of my schoolyears and all the trouble I got into.