Monday, May 26, 2008

Black snakes and the wonder of life.

One of my best friends in the world had probably the scariest experience this Memorial Day weekend. Her husband had a stubborn GI hemorrhage that ~~~AGAIN~~~ puts life into perspective. I love Natalie and her husband dearly, and I am still amazed that a 34-year-old sweet father of one could be on the brink of mortality. I pray nothing but the best in his recovery, and it just goes to show one can never take anything for granted.

It brought lots of memories back of Danny (my first husband). He will be gone four years on June 12th.

Life is so precious.

We have been keeping Natalie's daughter through this ordeal, so Bob suggested we get to the gym this afternoon for some weight training. I am done; rather, my shoulder is done. I am putting my right shoulder on hiatus for two weeks. I know I have arthritis and tendonitis to boot.

SO, the focus du jour will be running. I will log in the miles, baby. But I reverted to recent habit Saturday morning--I ran my ten miles way too fast and found a good excuse to slow down at mile nine. SNAKES!!!!! A SLEW OF THEM!!!! Inches from my final step and when I jumped to safety, I jumped RIGHT in front of another one! Sickening "hiss" and a slither.

Maybe the snakes are tying to tell me something, lol!