Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fatigue and Good Running

I blew off speed training today. We actually did get up at 4 AM, got in the car, made it halfway there when I realized I didn't have my RUNNING SHOES!!!!!! I nabbed the wrong pair, and these particular shoes hurt my feet (weird that I grabbed them by accident). It wasn't worth the effort. I wasn't about to suffer through the laps with shoes that are too tight, especially with a Saturday run of 7 miles and a Sunday run of fourteen miles coming up. The man was happy to turn around, go home and crash again.

I have done some serious upper body work this last week, and all of my runs have been strong, fluid and effortless. I am sore today, and tired. These late nights working have challenged me somewhat, but when I get a nap in like today, it's not that much of a hindrance. I will do explosive training tomorrow, cycle on Friday, and embark on the all-too-familiar journey over 13.1.

Here I go again.