Sunday, March 30, 2008

Misty Light Rain and the Fast Unintended Five Miler

So my husband got up this morning and I heard him rummaging around for some running shorts. I asked him how long he was going for, and he answered "We shall see!". I dozed off again knowing full well I needed to get up and get some breakfast because I was going to run after he returned. I snoozed a little and finally dragged myself out of bed and into the kitchen for some new Special K protein enhanced cereal. WHAT A BLESSING!!! That cereal is easy on the stomach and very filling, if I eat half a cup with a little banana...I am good to go. I do a couple of swigs of Gatorade, and the man returns. HA! He did an "easy" 10-miler in what seemed to me to be mere minutes. HATE HIM;). So I am outside putting my shoes on, and it is threatening to rain. He asks me what I am going to do, and I tell him I am doing my usual 5 and half mile loop...that way if it full-out rains cats and dogs he can come and pick me up because he knows where to find me.

I started off WAY fast. I felt a grudge against my crappy run the other day. My legs were strong, I was focused and there was a light misty rain in the air. And suddenly, as if by magic, I actually noticed the temperature was dropping. I am FLYING at this point. I catch and pass this 20-something young guy, and I am feeling really good. I get to the cross street remembering the wind had been at my back up until this point--so I prepare, because I know the turnaround in the loop is going to be brutal. AND it was. I always feel like I have the quick Parkinsonian shuffle steps when I run against strong wind. I lean into it, which I shouldn't. I struggle against it and I gave myself permission to slow to a 10 minute mile. Who cares, anyway? Right? Aren't I out here just for the running love? I get to this great decline on the route before the next turnaround and I put my mojo in gear. I sprinted the last mile and a quarter home, lungs aching and breathing blood. I am getting PISSED at my silly gait. I think it holds me back from being a speedier runner. I remember my parents were so on the fence about putting me in leg braces when I was a kid, and the orthopedist said it was their call. They decided against because they didn't want any unnecessary attention brought upon me at school. I don't know if those braces would have made any difference. I know I beat my 5 mile PR today, just felt it.

If you are wondering about what happens when I run--just picture Elaine Bennis from that classic episode of "Seinfeld" when she is at the office Xmas party and starts off the dancing! Remember how her left leg kicks out perpendicular to her body? That is me with my right leg when I run (see above pic), and even when I walk, no less. It is in tune with my overpronation. It is whimsical, yes...putting me directly on the shortbus bound for therapy. So I am forever doomed to the "fatboy" "overpronator" Gel Kayanos. Even though I am not fat. I am just weird.
Sweet dreams and pray for kids are on Spring Break.