Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Got Mojo?

I do!!! Yesterday was speed training, and damn if I am not feeling it today! We did 400X200 on account of the half marathon this weekend. I was MOTORING yesterday! I felt strong, and I was dwelling on the the fact that the half is a training run, rather than a race. I know the smartest approach is to remind myself that the risks outweigh the benefits if I go all out for the half. I have to concentrate on my two upcoming marathons--especially since I want not to suffer the Goofy Challenge so that the man and I can have a nice little getaway sans the children.

I am so freaking happy! Despite all that is going on in the world around us, I am doing well with my business, Bob is "therapizing" more than ever, and things are looking up up up for the upcoming holidays. I had to buy a new outfit for my high school reunion because the one I purchased two months ago is now too big. I have so many fantastic things to look forward to.

PSSSTTTT Mostly going to Disney without the kids.