Monday, March 17, 2008


I want to personally thank the lovely and talented Augmentin tablet for making me feel like a whole new woman today. Just two doses since yesterday and I was able to knock out a 5k this morning with no problem. And my cough doesn't sound like some dying old lady with COPD. Except for this generalized ache in my left leg, I sprinted like a pro.

Tomorrow is my son's second birthday. I can't believe it. This time, two years ago, I was languishing in a hospital bed sick with gall bladder disease and doped up on Dilaudid. Poor Marc had a rough entrance into the world, but he is a bigtime handful now. A friend of mine is having a birthday party for him and for her daughter who turned two yesterday. This party is also a "meeting" of sorts of fellow like-minded liberals such as myself....ought to be interesting. A little toddler get together and political soiree all at once! I look forward to it immensely; it is so rare in this neck of the woods to even meet a fellow Democrat, let alone a freethinking liberal. I always say I live in the Bible Belt, and it is slowly suffocating me with every cinch. What gets me is the mixing of the church with public school activites here. My daughters' chorus concerts are held in Baptist churches, and for the Xmas production, not one Hanukkah or Kwanzaa song. I always feel very uncomfortable during these productions, like they can just smell the paganism eminating from my very pores. HAHAHAHAHA! And I am not even the slightest bit pagan. I don't know why I let this bother me so much. My husband, very much an agnostic, could care less about the "Christian Agenda". Maybe it is the whole "I am saved, and you are going to hell because you aren't" crap that just gnaws at me.

Well, the baby is being good and locked into the this is my opportunity to shower quickly. Check ya later!