Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pulled Calf Muscle and Sexual Chocolate

I pulled my right calf muscle somehow in S3 class the other day. I went for a 5 mile run yesterday that turned into a 4.3 because I just couldn't hack the pain and weight of that taut muscle ripping up the back of my leg. You can literally see how pulled tight it is with your bare eyes. So I had S3 again today. I used sports cream and ibuprofen, and I managed to get through. I don't think it is injurious, I just think it is almost in a "tetany" for lack of a better term. I feel better after the class than I did before...although the suicide sprints were difficult because of the constant turnarounds, and the straight up gasser sprints weren't difficult and I was running 6's. I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to get in a 24 mile bike and a long run this weekend. I don't see myself doing the first series of triathlons...probably have to wait for the next round in the Summer.

Every day I wake up thinking, "I am going to eat better for my body and not for what I want at the minute." Every day I fail. Now I know there is no way I could possibly add any more exercise into my daily routines, so it is all nutritional. You get what you put into your mouth. I want 1% body fat GONE, I want leaner muscle mass in my quads--and I am for certain food is the culprit because I have been allowing myself nutritional license when I prepare my meals. Never mind eating what the kiddos eat, but the chocolate chip yellow cake I made yesterday was my latest victim.

What's got me thinking lately is why in the world anyone would want to vote for John McCain? He plans on maintaining Bush's economic protocol, and it is just more of the same old shit, different day. While my family and the families around me struggle more and more with each passing month, and the gas prices continue to rise, and the investments continue to values deteriorating. This is not to take away from the personal responsibility of the consumer. ABSOLUTELY! I get that. Irresponsible homebuyers taking risks with variable mortgages, and the lenders that encourage them...America's oil companies making record profits this year while we stand incredulous at the gas pump. Meanwhile, children continue to be the highest population in poverty and over 26 million Americans are on food stamps...and we continue to dump billions of dollars into an impossible war because two men can't concede that perhaps they made a mistake. I love my country, but it needs a little housekeeping.