Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And so we have a victory...

We filed a claim with the tree surgeon's insurance, and it is covered. So we will be able to recoup our money! YAY!! They just have to eat the deductible, and they don't have a choice. Way to stick it to the machine, lol!

I am bound and determined to have a decent seven and something tomorrow. I will get up way early and tempo my favorite route. All of my iTunes were lost after the PC when to the shop, but Apple was nice enough to reinstate them--all $400+ worth!!! So this is a week of victory. The trees are cut, the electrical to the pool is chugging along, and I had a fantastic shopping trip with girlfriends over the weekend. SCORE! Size four and sometimes a six, baby. That is, from the chest down. All I know is that "I WILL TAKE IT!!!''.

The man and I had one hell of an S-3 class together this morning. We are setting our sites on the Tour De Pain. I am trying to decide how much I want to push this, since it isn't too far into marathon training. A 4, a 5k and a mile in 48 hours--AUGUST JACKSONVILLE, WHOA!!!! I would much rather be home in South Florida for that...believe it or not, it isn't as hot.

Bob's 42nd went well--it became a huge Guitar Hero fusion, and I kicked Iron Maiden's ass!!! WOOHOO!!! Mommy finally looked liked she could take the kiddos..NOT.

More later. Love to all, and don't fret the moderated comments. This blog is cathartic for me, and I don't require much.