Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

I have to say I am one lucky lady most of the time. My husband didn't have to go into work early, so I was able to get in a 7 mile run during the most perfect weather conditions. Even though my legs felt like lead from yesterday's workout, I just really got into the beauty of the route and the music I had on my iPod--my playlist from the Miami half marathon. I am starting to get an iPod band tan on my arm! I am getting those runs in because I know these cooler temps will be non-existent in a matter of weeks. ***FUNNY ASIDE*** Since my kids play Guitar Hero Three all the time, I actually listen for dropped notes in my regular music! HA! I am addicted by association, I guess.
My gait was somewhat off today. It didn't interfere much with the run, although I felt slower (and I was bigtime, a ten minute mile average). Someone had posted a thread on Runner's World Online about A.C. Slater--forget his real name at this moment, but he was on "Saved By The Bell." ANYWAY, a "forumite" posted a video of Slater running and some people critqued his gait, talked about his pronation, etc. Well, let me tell you, I am a BIGTIME overpronator. My heel shelf is very unstable (you should see how I shake on it while balancing on one leg). I can't help it! It's the way I was made, and I am not the most stealthy of runners. I wonder if one could get help for overpronation, although I don't think I could be forced to change my footstrike or anything like that. I went to an analysis clinic for it, and all they did was tell me I was in the right shoes (Gel Kayanos) advice for remediating my gait. Oh well. My husband says he can always pick me out of a crowd of runners because I run so goofy.
I have to take the "midterm" exam for my medical transcription certification course in a couple of days. On the one hand, the thought of doing this for a living is giving me a dull is so freaking boring. But I just keep telling myself that I will never have to work for anyone again, I get to work from home, and Marc doesn't have to go into day care (well, maybe for a day or two a week because he is driving me nuts). Somehow this isn't what I had anticipated when I was younger. I just can't go back into Nursing. I was so unhappy, overworked and burned out. Part of that is my whole fear of screwing up...they would load us down with patients, admissions, discharges, etc...I didn't know if I was coming or going. I was afraid I was going to hurt someone at some point. It is a shame, really, because I loved it the first few years into it. Now I feel like the BSN was a complete waste. It's like, what the hell do I want to be when I grow up? Do others my age think the same? Crap.
Speaking of crap...what is with 2 year old boys and poop fascination? I digress....I took him for a walk after my run, and he is such a pain in the ass. He takes off running like a bat out of hell and I am lumbering after him like the village idiot. He successfully removed all the audio wires from my husband's big screen TV thinking he was changing the channel when he did it (meanwhile mumbling "DipsyLaLaPo" to himself in an effort to conjure up the Teletubbie fairy).
Marc is such a challenge. So naptime rolls around and he throws a fit. It is the same routine everyday. One would think he would "get it" by now. None of my girls were as oppositional as this little guy. But he is so freaking cute, what can I do?
I saw a disturbing video of Nancy Pelosi implicating Hillary Clinton as considering endorsing McCain over Obama should that scenario arise. What is WRONG with that lady (Nancy, that is)? The Democrats are just looking worse and worse, thus making it difficult for me to support my own party. I am embarrassed for them. This race goes all the way to the convention, we are screwed. All McCain has to do is side with a nice, conservative running mate and we are history. Blah.
I really do want to use this carthartic medium in a way of "outting" my political, moral, and religious views--but I don't even know what to say at this juncture. I guess I need to "lie low" even from myself. There's always tomorrow....