Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweet Fourteen

But actually 13.98. Close enough. I completed it this morning with a 9.5 min/mile. I feel good, and I know I could have kept going. I am having some hip abductor issues, but they are probably transient and I needn't worry about it. So I face the dreaded 16/17 miler in two weeks. This time last year when I attempted the entire loop around Doctors' Lake, I hit the wall at mile 15. I was crying and staggering homeward. Bob actually came out to look for me, and picked me up at mile 16.5. That was supposed to be a 17 miler. I am going to attempt it again this year. Hopefully the weather will not be as formidable this time around. During that particular morning, the temps were in the upper eighties, with a heavy blanket of humidity weighing on my shoulders. Mother Nature didn't do me any favors by dousing me with a sheet of rain that lasted approximately three minutes as I floundered at mile 14. Can you say "rub"? The irony is, two weeks later I completed 19 miles with absolutely no problem. It's all downhill after that:).

The only complaint I have about my runs lately is the multitude of McCain/Palin signs littering every other front yard. Of course, the Obama signs have all been pilfered (including my own...didn't make it two days in my yard). I keep reminding myself about "sheep" mentality. After all, this is Clay County. Yee Haw.